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A Day in the Life of Dick Taylor Chocolate

Recently Dustin Taylor, one half of the dynamic duo of Dick Taylor Chocolate, took over my Instagram for a day, with some really gorgeous photos about the chocolate-making process. If you're anything like me, you're probably not on all the social media channels (Periscope? Snapchat?), and so I want to share them here to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to enjoy them. Below each you'll see his description of the action in the photo.

"As we grow, it becomes necessary to scale production.  We are committed to not compromising quality as we expand.  Here we are using a ball mill to grind liquor.  Not only is it tremendously faster and more efficient than our previous stone grinding technique, but it also allows us more control over the the particle distribution thus improving the texture of the finished chocolate."

"Machinery becomes an extension of a skilled operator, allowing them to achieve a high degree of precision and repeatability.  Here, Jeremy refines the mixture of liquor and sugar into flake prior to dry conching.  Once fully refined, the chocolate will have the best possible flow and texture."

"While some processes are mechanized, other are still done by hand.  Dipping truffles is one of them.  Working chocolate by hand allows us to maintain a certain intimacy with our creations.  Here Adam is dipping ganache centers made with fresh, yellow nectarines."