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The Big Chocolate Show Is Going to Be Amazing

  Pretty chocolate bars from Fruition

Pretty chocolate bars from Fruition

Guys, I can’t handle how excited I am about the Big Chocolate Show in New York from October 7 through 9 in New York City!

Fruition. Tcho. Valrhona. Pacari. Truffle Shots. Christopher Elbow. And lots of other delicious chocolates! They’re expecting over 5,000 chocolate lovers at the Terminal Stores on the city’s waterfront. And unlike other shows, this isn’t going to be a grab-and-go. Instead it’s designed for you to actually interact with the chocolate makers and chocolatiers, to have a meaningful conversation and get to taste their chocolates in a mindful yet still fun way.

Even better, use the discount code CHOCOLATENOISE20 to get 20 percent off your ticket price!

I’m going to be showing a new short video called “From Bean to Bonbon” on the big screen, which I’m hoping will mesmerize you with its chocolate beauty. For the moment, though, here are some gorgeous wrappers from De Martini, a decadent Truffle Shot, and a cookie confection from Norman Love to tide you over.

And then there are classes and talks like the one from pastry chef and chocolatier Michael Laiskonis (who leads the Institute of Culinary Education’s Chocolate Lab) called “Five Things I Didn’t Know About Chocolate Until I Started Making It.” Plus wine-pairing classes, tasting classes, and more.

I’ll be there with bells and whistles on, plus probably a smear of chocolate across my face. Be sure to use the discount code CHOCOLATENOISE20 to get 20 percent off your ticket price!

And see you soon!