And the Most Ridiculous Chocolate of the Week Is….

Photo courtesy  Flickr user MattysFlicks

Chocolate toothpaste. Theodent Kids is made with real cocoa beans and supposedly tastes like chocolate. Apparently you can swallow a ton of the stuff and still be fine, which I guess is good? 

NOT. Chocolate toothpaste and products like it are dangerous. They're worse than regular old candy. They make us think that chocolate is a commodity product, a flat, easy taste, and they completely eclipse the deeply flawed sourcing methods of big cocoa. Everyone knows about blood diamonds, but blood chocolate? Not so much. Doesn't sound so appetizing after all, right?

Do you agree? Think I'm reading too much into a product for kids? Even better, do you have a ridiculous chocolate of your own to share? Email me at or tell me on Twitter or Facebook and I'll quote you in the next Chocolate Today.

What I'm Tasting Today

Soma Aleppo Pepper Bar 

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