Dandelion Chocolate Opens in TOKYO

Dandelion Chocolate is about as San Francisco as they come, with its founders’ tech startup roots and an adorable café and factory in the Mission District, but in early February, the amazing chocolate maker opened its first INTERNATIONAL store, in Tokyo. I don’t usually post news here, but this is epic.

There was a line around the block, and apparently by Valentine’s Day they were completely sold out of bars (plus about 650 pastries and 350 drinks per day).

Dandelion sent me some EXCLUSIVE photos from the Tokyo store to show y’all exactly what’s happening over there on the other side of the world.

Pretty soon the Tokyo store will start making their chocolate in-house with the same recipes as in San Francisco, and they’re offering the same crazy-good treats like single-origin brownies and s’mores. Plus they’re teaching classes on chocolate (and how to make it), just like in the States.

And to top it off, Dandelion is working on a much bigger space down the street in the Mission. Stay tuned for more information about that.

In other words, bean-to-bar revolution, folks. Bean-to-bar revolution.