Would You Eat Tortilla Chip Chocolate?

Photo courtesy  Flickr user Martin Kleppe

Ritter Sports’ new chocolate bar is…crispy tortilla chip! My first reaction was, What is the world coming to? And then I remembered that chocolate has been paired with corn since it was invented.

The Premesoamericans, the Aztecs, and the Mayans drank their cacao with corn, achiote, chilis, and spices like cinnamon, and in fact, the people of Mexico today still drink chocolate this way. It’s kind of like a nutritious porridge, and it isn't all too sweet. The Europeans added sugar to cacao and, eventually, milk, and Ritter Sport’s milk chocolate with tortilla chips follows that tradition to a T (pun intended).

We’re used to drinking hot chocolate and eating sweet chocolate desserts with flour in them, but corn and cacao aren’t that familiar. That’s why I’m including a recipe for a traditional beverage called champurrado in my upcoming book: Think a thick, almost nutty water-based drink with plenty of chocolate, corn, and spices. Who knows: It might be your new favorite way to enjoy chocolate.

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