Chocolate Tastings Take Over the World

Recently chocolate lover and Highfive Company owner Dennis van Essen contacted me from Holland, saying that he liked the idea of the Underground Chocolate Salon so much that he wanted to start his own.

Your Underground Chocolate Salon is a brilliant concept to talk, share, taste and network in an informal setting - with like minded chocolate addicts. I would love to take the initiative to follow your footsteps and start organizing something similar in Holland.

And he has! The first Secret Chocolate Lounge, which Dennis calls “the brother of the Underground Chocolate Salon” took place in mid September, with 9 people tasting Fruition Chocolate exclusively. Think chocolate experts, tea sommeliers, and more. Here are detailed notes from the tasting, in Dutch (use Google translate to read it in English).

I love how each person’s opinion is included as well as a “secret review.” Here’s the translated secret review for Fruition’s Costa Rica bar:

“Rather sour bar with a warming flavor. Very crispy with a strong flavor. I taste too laurel? / Acidity is not my thing / I found it a bit of a tricky customer, reminiscent of the Criollo Madagascar. However fascinating, not earthquakes / harsh, dry / acid: perhaps too much / maybe a little too ...”

I’ve been playing with the idea of featuring one maker’s line at each salon, and breaking other salons out into themes. (Similarly, the next Secret Chocolate Lounge will be all about drinking chocolate.) What say you?

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