I Wrote About Chocolate for Fortune

Lately I’ve noticed a trend: Everyone is abandoning the corporate world to open their own artisan food business. Those of us in chocolate know this story all too well, with engineers, techies, and the like leaving in droves.

No one epitomizes this trend more than Shawn Askinosie of Askinosie Chocolate, who left a 20-year career as a defense attorney to start an ethical chocolate empire. In the first part of my three-part series for Fortune, all about lawyers, I tell his story as well those of a few other cool artisan makers (not in chocolate, by the way). Stay tuned for the next two sections, coming soon!

Do you think this trend is awesome or awful? Or are you part of it?? Tell me at megan@chocolatenoise.com or on Facebook or Twitter and I'll include your comments in the next Chocolate Today.

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