And the Most Ridiculous Chocolate of the Week Is…

Brix Chocolate for Wine. When I saw this a while back at the Fancy Food Show, I was amazed that it was literally a brick. Of chocolate. Meant for wine.

I’m not really a drinker, but my chocolate expert and sommelier friends tell me that chocolate is notoriously hard to pair with wine, and that old dark chocolate with big red idea is, well, frankly, bullshit. The tannins fight with one another and block the flavors of both the chocolate and the wine.

Brix, though, subscribes to the old idea. But way, way more upsetting is that the brick of chocolate is literally just some bad Forastero chocolate from Ghana “mixed with the highest quality confectionary chocolate,” whatever that means. In other words, this stuff is absolutely not guaranteed ethical in any way: not direct trade, not even fair trade.

I’m sick of crappy products like this tricking consumers into paying for and confusing the world of chocolate even further.

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