What "Bean to Bar" Really Means

A few weeks ago Dove sent me a press release with an infographic of their “unique bean to bar making process.” (Think Dutching.)

Technically they’re correct. They do start with beans and make bars. The same could be said for Hershey. Of course, over the past 15 years “bean to bar” has come to mean chocolate made from scratch in small batches by artisans who buy, roast, and grind the beans themselves. But on its own, the term itself doesn’t mean much. The industry is going back and forth and forth and back about this term, with some embracing it and others letting go of it altogether. For example, French Broad recently took it off its packaging. Meanwhile expert Clay Gordon says he thinks it should be "from the bean," not "bean to bar."

What does “bean to bar” mean to YOU?

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