A Mouse Ate My Stash of Chocolate

I’m not sure if it was the heat, the rain, or the insane amount of chocolate in my closet, but this summer a mouse has moved into my house. And not just any mouse. A mouse with good taste.

Because this mouse left the dog food alone (well, after I got a thick metal canister to contain it) and went straight for the good stuff. Namely, my stash of Fruition Wild Bolivian, which won a silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards and has just recently become available on their website in a limited run. My half-eaten chocolate bar, on the other hand, ran straight to the trash after I discovered that it had been nibbled on by a certain rodent.

Chocolate mice from  L.A. Burdick  in Manhattan

Chocolate mice from L.A. Burdick in Manhattan

This weekend I decided enough is enough. All opened chocolate bars had to be dealt with immediately. God knows I wouldn’t throw them out (I don’t like to waste chocolate and also there would be a serious public outcry). So I made Salted Caramel Crack Brownies from A Modern Way to Eat, my favorite cookbook, and my own secret sea salt chocolate-chip cookie recipe. Sure, it might have broken my cardinal rule of baking with high-quality chocolate (i.e., make something where you can actually taste the FLAVOR of the CHOCOLATE), but goddamn they tasted great.

Mouse: 1

Megan: 2

Of course, that might change if the mouse has enough stamina to chew through thicker material and devour the 100 unopened chocolate bars that are now sitting on my coffee table in plain sight of my “attack” dog Echo, aka 17 pounds of fluff. Just try us, mouse.

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