Bacon Does Not Belong in Chocolate

Photo courtesy  Flickr user jimsideas

Photo courtesy Flickr user jimsideas

I sat down to write a post called "And the Most Ridiculous Chocolate of the Week Is..." and to highlight Zotter's Pink Coconut and Fish Marshmallow Chocolate and their RaspberryBlood (with real blood!). But there's a far more pernicious problem on our hands.

Bacon. In chocolate.

I get it: salty and sweet go together and often improve each other. I'm not disputing that. Hell, I'm not even disputing that bacon sometimes works in dessert. What I'm disputing is that people think it's COOL and OUTRAGEOUS and UNIQUE to create this combo when in fact it's the most tired, cliched inclusion ever. (Followed closely by salted caramel, but I actually like that one.) I'm calling out Vosges and all of those chocolatiers who think it's "edgy" to use bacon in their chocolate. Let's be more creative and challenge our taste buds a bit more rather than relying on the lowest common demoninator (er, denominator) to move bars.

There, I said it. 

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