Try Breast-to-Bar Chocolate: One Day Only!


You’ve heard of dark, milk, and white chocolate. And of goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, and even camel’s milk chocolate. But the world will never be the same, because today Callebaut and I are revealing the REAL fourth type of chocolate: breast milk chocolate!

Because we only created 200 of these nanobatch bars, they are only available for sale today.

We started with fine flavor cocoa beans sourced from a shaded area under Cerro Tres Tetas in Potosí, Bolivia.


Then we added breast milk sourced from my local Brooklyn women’s collective after my most recent bean-to-bar event. If you taste carefully, you can pick out the distinct terroir of Madagascar beans that has been translated into the breast milk itself.

 You’ll also find notes of melons, grapefruit, and Almond Joy (or is it Mounds?) in this unique bar.