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Come to the Next Underground Chocolate Salon!

   Charm School 's swirly coconut milk chocolate

First, though, Chocolate Noise is a finalist in the Saveur Blog Awards! Vote for me in the "Food Obsessive" category (scroll down the page to find it).

Now back to business. I’m holding the next FREE Underground Chocolate Salon this coming Monday, August 15, from 6:30 to 8 PM in midtown Manhattan, and I have a few open spots!

I’ve always been jealous of Paris in the 1920s, when artistic and literary luminaries gathered at Gertrude Stein’s house to talk and hang out: Picasso, Cézanne, Joyce, Eliot, Cocteau. Only one thing would have made it better: chocolate. That’s why I started what I’m calling the Underground Chocolate Salon, for like-minded (or not so like-minded) people to get together and talk chocolate, as well as enjoy one another’s company.

If you want to come on August 15, email me at megan@chocolatenoise.com and I’ll send you details and reserve your spot. I’d love to see you!