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I’m a Finalist in the Saveur Blog Awards!

Thank you to the lovely person who apparently nominated me for the Saveur Blog Awards: Today Saveur announced that I’m one of 6 finalists out of 30,000 submissions in the Food Obsessive Award category!

Vote for me starting today through August 31 for the Readers’ Choice award (scroll down to get to the "Food Obsessive" category).

To me, this is a huge victory for craft chocolate as a whole: It’s yet more recognition for our little movement, one that is now growing enough that a site about bean-to-bar chocolate is competing against a Game of Thrones blog (I know, pretty cool, but pretty please still vote for me!). That’s exactly why I started Chocolate Noise: to cut through the noise and hype to recognize the best chocolate in the country and the people who make it.

Oh, and by the way, you can vote as many times as you’d like (scroll down to get to the "Food Obsessive" category), which means my mom is probably going to bookmark that page and hit “Chocolate Noise” on repeat for the next three weeks. I hope you’ll do the same.