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All Press and Recognition

"A Quest to Find America's Best Craft Chocolate Makers" (Smithsonian Magazine, February 2018)

‘I get so tired of pink’: female chocolatiers turn to death for Valentine’s day” (The Guardian, February 2018)

A Beginner’s Guide to Craft Chocolate” (Wine Enthusiast, February 2018)


How Chocolate Gendered Packaging” (Print Magazine, February 2018)

How to Build the Ultimate Chocolate Tasting Plate” (Tasting Table, February 2018)

Chocolate Truffle Torte” (Tasting Table, February 2018)

Book Giveaway (Edible Nashville, February 2018)

Caramelized White Chocolate Is for People Who Hate White Chocolate” (Eater, February 2018)

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8 High-Quality Chocolates You Should Buy for Valentine’s Day” (Men’s Journal, February 2018)

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Stephen Fries: Show your love with fine chocolate” (Middletown Press, February 2018)

Surprise your valentine with homemade truffles” (Bucks Local News, February 2018)


Bean to Bar” (News Review, February 2018)

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