I'm on a journey to explore the world of American craft chocolate

Where to Buy Craft Chocolate Online

There are a ton of places online to find craft chocolate, and certainly the first place to look is on each maker's website. However, if you're interested in ordering from several brands at once, here are some of your best bets.




Cocoa Runners

The Meadow



The only thing better than picking out delicious chocolate from a great store is having that chocolate delivered to your house. These subscription programs send you a curated collection of top-notch craft chocolates from all over the world every few weeks, and some even personalize the boxes to your particular tastes. (A few of these offer the option to buy individual bars as well.) Many bean-to-bar chocolate companies like Raaka and Lonohana also offer subscriptions, so be sure to check individual companies out too!


Choco Rush

Cocoa Couriers

Cocoa Runners