Where to Find Craft Chocolate in Ormes Meadow, Owlthorpe, UK (S20 6TE)

There aren't a ton of places to find great bean-to-bar chocolate in your neighborhood, but there are enough to acquire quite a stash. Will you need a wine-fridge-turned-chocolate fridge like me? Only time will tell.


This cute cafe carries local brands Buillon and Altus. I haven't tried either, so please let me know what you think!

Meadowhall, Sheffield S9 1EP, UK


Birdhouse Tea Company

This tea shop carries quite a variety of loose-leaf teas, which is great because tea is one of my favorite beverages to drink with chocolate. In particular look for Pump Street Bakery's wonderful bars here. 

7b Nether Edge Rd, Sheffield S7 1RU, UK


Steam Yard

This coffee shop also boasts a nice grouping of chocolate bars, from brands like Menakao, Omnom, Akesson, Original Beans, and Blanxart.

Unit 1-2 97, Aberdeen Court, 95-101 Division St, Sheffield S1 4GE, UK


Cocoa Runners

Now, this isn't exactly a shop you can visit, but if you can't find something locally, I highly recommend this website and subscription service. They have excellent tastes and a huge collection of the best chocolate in the world, focusing on bean to bar.