As far as I know, there aren't any local places to buy bean-to-bar brands like Askinosie and Dandelion. Lucky for you, though, Phoenix and the area around it boast several own bean-to-bar chocolate makers, which are super fun and informative to visit. You can also find their chocolate around town. I didn't include this in the guide because it's a bit farther away, in Chandler, but also check out local Arizona company NutWhats, a gourmet candy store that makes its own bean-to-bar chocolate.


This family-owned, small-batch craft chocolate maker has a dessert shop of your dreams in Scottsdale, where you'll find cakes, cookies, and candies made with their own bean-to-bar chocolate, as well as bars.

Agua Caliente, 6990 E Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Downtown Phoenix Public Market and Cafe

Find Stone Grindz, a local bean-to-bar chocolate maker, at both the farmers' market itself and at the cafe.

721 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004, 8 AM to 1 PM every Saturday, year round


Super Chunk Sweets & Treats

This bakery also boasts a great assortment of chocolate: Think locally made Zak's and Brooklyn-based Raaka as well as a spate of great European makers such as Amedei, Pump Street Bakery, Om Nom, and Chocolate Naive (look for the porcini chocolate from Naive, one of my faves).

7120 E 6th Ave #19, Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Peixoto Coffee

This cool coffee shop makes its mochas and hot chocolate with local bean-to-bar maker Zak’s Chocolate. Drink up!

11 W Boston St #6, Chandler, AZ 85225