Giveaway: I’m Throwing a Chocolate Tasting for You and Your Friends!

Hey, New York City chocaholics! In honor of my book, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution, coming out in September, I want to throw a chocolate tasting for you and four of your closest friends. The only cost? Five preorders of my book, one for each of your chocolate-loving friends, and one for you!

What’s a chocolate tasting? Think of the wine tastings or cheese tastings you’ve been to, and then replace the main ingredient with a better one: chocolate. I’ll bring five delicious craft chocolates, palate cleansers like crackers and green apples, and whole cocoa beans to your house (or a fun café or store, your choice), and we’ll spend about an hour and a half tasting and chatting about chocolate. You’ll learn how bean-to-bar chocolate is made, discover the fascinating and sometimes hilarious stories of these artisanal companies, and compare and contrast chocolates the way you would fine wines. Plus, you get to take home the leftovers!

How to enter:

1. Preorder 5 copies of the book. (Or more, if you'd like!)

2. Send a copy of your receipt and some dates that work for your tasting to

3. We’ll get it on the calendar!

The giveaway starts today (Wednesday, 7/26) and ends in two weeks (Wednesday, 8/9), so let’s get started!

Not in New York? Let’s Skype! The same deal applies if you’re in another city. The only difference is that you’ll see my pretty little face on the computer screen rather than in real life.