Bean-to-Bar Chocolate in the Press

Photo by  Spencer Selvidge

Guys, my book, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America's Craft Chocolate Revolution, is getting some play in the press! From a feature in Bon Appetit to a Q&A in Saveur, here are 13 stories about the book. In other words, we're spreading the word about craft chocolate and how freaking great it is. 

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"How to Read a Chocolate Bar Label to Buy the Best Chocolate" (featured on, September 2017)

"The Future of $10 Chocolate" (featured on, September 2017)

"Why You Should Eat Chocolate in the Morning" (featured on Extra Crispy, September 2017)

"6 Ways Craft Chocolate Is Disrupting the Food Industry" (featured on Forbes, September 2017)

"People Are Aging Chocolate in Bourbon Barrels and We're Obsessed" (featured on VinePair, September 2017)

"The Top 50 Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers in the United States" (featured on Food Republic, September 2017)

"5 Essential Stops for Chocolate in Brooklyn" (featured in Edible Brooklyn, September 2017)

"How to Read Chocolate Bar Labels to Make Sure You're Getting the Best Stuff" (featured on Life Hacker, September 2017)

"Q&A With Megan Giller, Author of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate" (featured in The Boston Globe, September 2017)

"Chocolate for the Chocoholics" (featured in Illustration News, September 2017)

"How to Pick the Best Chocolate Bar Your Money Can Buy" (featured on Bloomberg, August 2017)

"The Biggest Cookbooks of Fall 2017" (featured on Eater, August 2017)

"What Do We Really Know About Chocolate's Health Benefits?" (featured on Food52, August 2017)

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