I'm on a journey to explore the world of American craft chocolate

Private Chocolate-Tasting Events

Let’s have a chocolate party! For the chocolate lover in all of us, I offer private tasting events in NYC for 10 to 30 people. Join me for discussion, comparison and banter as I lead your group through an hour and a half of pure chocolatey goodness.  

These events are perfect for company team-building, holiday parties, and more.

The best part: I come to you! I’ll bring the chocolate and any pairings, and you can relax, taste, and enjoy.

Here are a few of my most popular options, but I’m happy to tailor something to fit your needs.

  • Chocolate 101! Guided 1.5-hour tasting of 5 delicious American craft chocolates. Compare and contrast the craft chocolate bars and their industrial counterparts as you sharpen your palate and discover the subtle differences.


  • Beer and Chocolate! Guided 1.5-hour tasting pairing 5 craft chocolate bars with their hoppy counterparts. Experience how stouts, porters, and even IPAs can pull out chocolate flavor notes and vice versa! 


  • Cheese and Chocolate! Because who doesn’t love cheese? Guided 1.5-hour tasting pairing 5 craft chocolate bars with 5 delicious cheese options. A classic pairing for a truly unusual experience. 

All tastings have a 10-person minimum and include 5 chocolate samples for each guest, as well as any pairing options. I also offer the option to personalize your event with gift bags for your guests, custom chocolates, and more.

For more information and pricing, please contact me at megan@chocolatenoise.com.


Megan Giller can talk about chocolate, chocolate makers, and chocolate processes for hours, and it’s completely fascinating. She has a keen understanding of how to describe everything about chocolate as well as how to keep the discussion engaging, and is the perfect person to lead an expert or a novice through a chocolate tasting.
— Ethan Lercher, Director of Events, Bryant Park
Megan not only shares her extensive knowledge but also introduces us to a fantastic array of craft chocolate which always lead the group into the most interesting and passionate conversations. The growing bean-to-bar movement is fascinating and this is the most delicious way to learn about it!
— Genevieve Leloup
A great evening! Interesting bars I would never find on my own paired with witty banter and new [chocolate-loving] friends. What could be better?
— Kim Wilson, Cocoa Future


Upcoming Events

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Past Events

5/13/2017 Mother's Day Chocolate Tasting at West Elm

5/7/2017: ChocolateFest at the 92Y

4/6/2017: Private Event

2/24/2017: Private chocolate tasting at Kickstarter

12/14/2016: Chocolate and Cheese at Murray's in NYC

11/18/2016: Private chocolate tasting at Avroko

11/13/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Chocolopolis (read more here)

11/13/2016: From Bean to Bonbon tasting at the Northwest Chocolate Festival

9/6/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Voila Chocolat (read more here)

8/15/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at 2Beans (read more here)

7/28/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at the Chocolate Room (read more here)

6/24/2016: Chocolate tasting with the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund at Rider

6/2/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Raaka (read more here)

4/20/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Valrhona (read more here)

4/10/2016: Chocolate Fest at the 92Y

3/23/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Valrhona (read more here)